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Gabriel Soprinye Halliday Idaomienyenimim (born 11 April 1988), better known by his stage name Slim Burna is a Nigerian musician, singer, rapper and record producer. Soprinye was born in Essex, and grew up in the capital city of Rivers State in Southern Nigeria, Port Harcourt. He worked as a record producer at Grafton Records before founding Street Rhymes Records in 2008.

During his early years in the music industry, Gabriel’s childhood friends gave him the name “Slim Burna” meaning “the slim bone that burns”. His previous releases include “Whatz ur name”, “Is 4 u”, “I like to move it”, “Kpasima” and “Highness Madness”.

On April 11, 2013, Slim Burna released as a free gift for fans his debut mixtape “I’m On Fire”.

Can you tell us more about Slim Burna?

Slim Burna: Slim Burna is a singer, sometimes a rapper and a record producer. Real name is Gabriel Soprinye Halliday Idaomienyenimim from Rivers state, Nigeria.

Why Music?

Slim Burna: Music is something I love to do, I enjoy singing and expressing myself through song lyrics, in music I have found freedom.


What inspire your lyrics?

Like what inspires you to drop a song?

Slim Burna: It all has to do with my feelings, my mood or state of mind. Most times my experiences, things I desire, it could be good depends on how the listener’s level of perception is structured.


How did you come up with the stage name Slim Burna?

Slim Burna: “Slim Burna” first came into existence at the early stages of my musical journey. It was actually given to me by a couple of friends I grew up with. The name simply means “The slim bone that burns”.

What makes you different from other artist, like what makes you unique?

Slim Burna: That will be my style of delivery, my voice and musical experience because that is something you can’t copy from anyone, it is unique to every artist and it also differs in every artist.

You just released a debut mixtape “I’m on fire” how has it been received publicly?

Mixtape TracklistSlim Burna: Yes the mixtape did great, its reception has been very positive. Since its release in April, more and more people are getting to discover my sounds and tuning into the music, and being my first, I’m happy with the response it has received so far that encourages me to come up with more you know.


What are the challenges you face as an artist?

Slim Burna: The music industry is not easy to be honest, It needs a lot of work and effort to stay relevant. Making the music is a one step and getting the music to the right audience now that’s another step that’s challenging.

What are you working on lately? 

Slim Burna: I’ve got new materials that I’m presently focusing on, but I’m also taking my time so I can come up with a great product for the consumers. In between my project, I’m also producing music for a couple of other artists.

Any words of encouragement?

Slim Burna: I’d like to say this to anyone who has intentions of going into music. First, you need to have love for it and I mean real love, the type that endures because the journey is not as glittering as it appears when you see those who made it through music, but if you have love and passion for what you do, there’s a chance you could reach your goal. Second, be ready to put in the much work needed. Above all, keep God close in your career through prayers especially for direction.

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